Apple iPhone 12 mini Review -All You Need To Know – Price

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iPhone 12 mini

The Apple iPhone 12 mini is currently the smallest 5G phone. This device seems to have been designed for people who want the newest iphone with features like its top processing speeds, photography power and 5G connectivity, but in a smaller size.

If you are interested in procuring the iphone 12 mini, then all the information you need to know are stated below, so continue reading.
The iphone 12 mini comes in 3 configurations with different storage. The selling prices for the 64GB of storage is $699/£699/Au$1,199, the 128GB of storage is $749/£749/Au$1,279 and the 256GB of storage is $849/£849/$Au1,449.

The iphone 12 mini comes without ear buds and charger in the box as a result of Apple looking to cut down on environmental waste. However, if you are in need of an Apple headphone, you might want to check out the AirPods.

The iphone 12 mini pre-order opens on November 6th and you will be able to buy the phone from November 13.

Apple iPhone 12 mini Design

iPhone 12 mini Design

The iphone 12 mini looks exactly like the iphone 12, Pro and ProMax with it’s only difference being the size. This device has a lovely design, it has flat sides, a flat screen and feels lighter than the iphone 11.

It has a super glossy glass finish on its rear panel and its display is protected by a “ceramic shield” technology which increases its drop resistance by 4x that of the iphone 11. It has an IP68 protection  which means it can last up to half an hour at 6 meters under water.

The iphone 12 mini also has the Magsafe magnetic ring at the back for attaching chargers and also using the Magsafe cases and wallets. It comes in similar colours as the iphone 12: black, white, red, navy and pale green.

Apple iPhone 12 mini Display

Apple iPhone 12 mini Review -All You Need To Know - Price
Apple iPhone 12 mini Display

The iphone 12 mini packs a 5.4 inches OLED display with a 2340 × 1080 pixels resolution and a high 1200nits max brightness.

Apple also introduce the “ceramic shield” technology which is popular with all the iphone 12 models. The ceramic shield is a super strong type of glass made with nano technology and is said to improve the drop resistance 4x that of the iphone 11 display. This display is super great and delivers good video quality with perfect colour representation.


Apple iPhone 12 mini Camera

iPhone 12 mini Camera

The iphone 12 mini has exactly the same camera setup as the iphone 12, Pro and Pro Max. It has a 12 MPf/1.6 main camera and 12 MP f/2.4ultra wide snapper at the rear and a 12MP f/2.2 snapper on the front, housed in the front notch alongside the face ID sensor.

Apple also made an improvement to the Night mode for both the front and rear cameras that produces 27% better lighting than iphone 11.

Apple iPhone 12 mini Performance

The iphone 12 mini makes use of an A14 Bionic chipset, like the iphone 12, Pro and Pro Max. This ensures super-fast processing speeds. The iphone 12 mini runs on Apple’s newest software, iOS 14 which brings new features such as; screen widgets, app library and improved siri for Apple phones.

Should I Buy It

Buy it if you:

  • Want a cheaper iphone with similar features as the iphone 12, Pro and Pro Max.
  • Need a very fast phone for multitasking and also gaming.
  • Are looking for a device with good battery life in the Apple family.
  • Need a phone with good water and drop resistance.
  • Like phones with wireless charging.
  • Are looking to try out the new  Magsafe technology.

The Final Verdict

The iphone 12 mini is as bad ass as the iphone 12, Pro and Pro Max. It has the same features, shapes, design but comes in a smaller size and with a smaller display.

Overall, the iphone 12 mini packs a quality display, flat design, with a ceramic shield which has 4x the drop resistance of the iphone 11. It also has two times the resistance of the rear panel than that of the iphone 11 rear panel.

The iphone 12 mini is definitely a good choice if you are interested in getting a phone with similar features like that of the iphone 12, Pro and Pro Max, but in a smaller device with easy handling.

Apple iPhone 12 mini Video Review

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