Apple Glasses may be a step closer to reality leaks suggests

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Apple Glass

The long-awaited Apple Glasses AR headset may soon be a reality. Recent reports show that Apple may have found a semiconductor manufacturing company suited for the job. Apple’s long time iPhone chip partner TSMC, a Taiwan company has been brought in to produce wafer-thin OLED displays. These displays are smaller and require less power than an LCD screen.  

These displays do not appear to be the same as the 8K screens promised for the upcoming Apple VR headset. Instead, they are intended for the AR-focused project which is still in development. 

Nikkei Asia reported this matter based on information gotten from sources close to the project.


What Makes The Apple Glass OLED display Special? 

The difference between these displays and the regular LCD screens found on your phones and TVs may not be noticeable. This is because the major difference between these displays is not picture quality related but rather design and size oriented. 

Screens are not one single sheets, but a collection of thinner strips containing necessary components. Components like polarizers and color filters (which control the brightness and color of light from the screens). TSMC’s OLED display design allows for some of these components that are no longer needed to be removed. Components such as the glass substrates that displays are normally built onto. 

This tech will not only give the Apple Glass headset a sleek design but also reduce the number of components used. A reduction in the components leads to consumption of less power by the Apple Glas headset. Resulting in a longer battery life on a single charge and reducing the weight and size by using smaller batteries. 

Although this is a new field for the Taiwan tech giant, previous partnership with Apple has shown that they are more than capable. 

However, if Apple has chosen TSMC’s design for its flagship Apple Glass headpiece, then it might be onto something special. 

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