Apple Glass Could Land In Early 2022 With LiDAR Tracking

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Apple Glass

Latest rumours suggest the launch of Apple Glass in the first quarter of 2022. The rumours also speculated that they would come with six lenses and LiDAR distance tracking to augment VR and AR capabilities. 

 According to China Times, Apple’s Glass VR headset is expected to have similar industrial design as others currently in the market. But may end up being more expensive than its competition. Weilun predicts it will cost about $500 to produce each unit, therefore expect a selling price that will blow your mind. 

Given the expected Specs of the Apple Glasses and its complexity, don’t expect to see them anytime soon. JPMorgan Chase’s Weilun predicts its release wouldn’t be for another 12 to 18 months. This matches a lot of rumours speculating its arrival in the market to be around 2022 or 2023. However, this doesn’t stop Apple from publicizing and building consumer interest on the product before its arrival. 

Weilun’s prediction of six lenses is however unclear as to how it helps VR and/or AR capabilities. Are the lenses for viewing screens, or are they meant as external cameras to view the world around us? 

However, the LiDAR technology is straightforward, making use of Time-of-Flight technology to monitor distance to external objects. This is done by emitting a laser beam and tracking how long it takes to return.


Will Apple Glasses be VR, AR, or both? 

This report portrays Apple Glasses as a single product with both AR and VR capabilities. Although, other rumours are unclear as to whether it will be a single or multiple headset. That is to say, whether Apple will release the headsets and glasses separately remains unconfirmed. 

Recent report by Bloomberg suggests that Apple is working on two distinct products. A headset that has more VR than AR capabilities and will look and work like other VR headsets on the market.  

According to Bloomberg as confirmed by their sources, the VR headset is likely to launch as early as 2022. Leaving Apple’s Google-like AR-powered Glasses to come in 2023 at earliest. 

This, however, confirms JPMorgan Chase’s Weilun predicted timeline of 2022 or 2023 if these info are accurate. 

Pricewise, it is hard to speculate the price tag to be placed on this device. However, from experience it is expected that the product will be beyond the reach of many. 

Apple product have always been on the pricier side and is not expected to do otherwise with the Apple Glasses. 

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