Apple discontinuing original HomePod Production for the Mini

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Apple original HomePod

Apple’s original HomePod wireless speaker production has officially been discontinued. 

According to TechCrunch, Apple confirmed that the HomePod will continue to be available “while supplies last” online and in-store at Apple retailers. Though, software updates, service, and support will be provided for HomePod users. Apple’s focus will now be shifted to moving the HomePod mini forward. This claim was also confirmed by a statement made by Apple to gadgets

Only the white HomePod models are available on Apple’s online store at the moment. But you can find the space gray models in some retail locations, as well as from third-party retailers. 

An Apple spokesperson told CNBC that “HomePod mini has been a hit since its debut last fall, offering customers amazing sound, an intelligent assistant, and smart home control all for just $99”.

The original HomePod speaker has some unique and amazing attributes. According to reviews, the original HomePod speaker has “powerful audio performance with rich, full bass” and “visually pleasing design”. But it also has some flaws which include: no aux input, Bluetooth streaming options, or voice control for non-Apple music services.


Apple HomePod Price and Availability 

The Homepod launched at a price of $349, its price later dropped to $299. The smaller, cheaper HomePod mini was a far better replacement when it debuted in 2020 for just $99. Though it still didn’t offer an aux input, it did deliver with solid audio, good Apple Home app integration, and great voice control options. 

The availability of the original HomePod is not certain at the moment. So, it is advised that interested buyers should go get one as soon as possible. 

The discontinuation of HomePod may also mean that Apple could be preparing to bring another smart speaker into the market. However, the Apple has not officially confirmed any information on a new smart speaker yet.

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