Apple 2021 MacBooks Rumoured To Get Even More Powerful

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Apple MacBook

In one of our previous post it was highlighted that Apple’s M2 processor which will take over the M1 chip is now being produced massively. This is a huge step for the tech giant in its goal to completely replace Intel chips in MacBooks with its own processor.

Based on reports by Nikkei Asia, starting from July, we should expect that the M2 processor by Apple will be incorporated in the yet to be released MacBook Air 2021 and MacBook Pro  2021 13-inch alongside other products. This implies that the forth coming consumer’s products in the second half of the year like Macbooks will come with improved features as well as a new chipset. 

There were rumours of another chip in the works, the M1X. According to these rumours, the chip is a more powerful business-oriented processor, tailor-made for specialist computers like the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro 16-inch. it is important to note that this is likely to be different from the M2 Chipset.


Macbook M1 Chip Successor

It is no news that the M2 processor will succeed the M1 SoC (System on Chip), the company’s first bespoke processor for both Mac and now iPad Pro devices. The M1 was a hit on its first trial, it outperformed the so called Intel chips and has proven itself to be an absolute powerhouse, soundly demolishing the competition. Therefore, it seems obvious Apple’s aim at the moment will be to make more waves and explore with the M2 chip.

Apple’s M series of chips is made up of three parts that has central processing, graphical processing and AI enhancing capabilities all on one chip. It is obvious that the M1 chip’s performance and efficiency are far above that of its closest competitors – Intel Core and AMD Ryzen processors. So, lets keep our fingers crossed to see what the M2 and M1X chips will bring.

Consumers should expect more and better Apple devices in the near future since two new chipsets are allegedly on the way. Apple’s M2 and M1X chips may not match the graphics capabilities of Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 30 series but we are certain it will come with a better competitive edge over its rival.

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