2022 iPad Pro to come with wireless charging and glass back

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2022 iPad Pro

The latest iPad Pros released by Apple this year is powered by its M1 chip. Well, this is definitely not the only update the tech giant has in store for us this year for its high-end tablets. A new report in Bloomberg claims that Apple will equip the next version of the iPad Pro with wireless charging. Though this project is a current work in progress. According to the reports, the aluminium found on the rear of every previous iPad will be replaced by a glass back for the new models. This switch to glass back is done to make the wireless charging for the iPad Pro achievable.

iPhone 12 range of phones released last year charges wirelessly through MagSafe connector. Similar magnetic charging system will be used for the upcoming iPad Pro. Based on the report, Apple might add another feature to the device, “reverse wireless charging”. Reverse wireless charging makes it possible for the iPad itself to become a wireless charging point.

The new M1 iPad Pro with its Mini LED display, was just launched by Apple weeks ago. This implies that we should expect the wireless charging model hopefully next year, 2022. With that being said, Bloomberg also said that a redesigned iPad Mini with narrower screen bezels will be released in 2021. We are not certain if it will replicate Face ID like the iPad Pro or Touch ID on the power button like the iPad Air. Bloomberg’s report only says that “the removal of its home button has also been tested.”

Alongside the new iPad Mini, Apple is also said to be planning to release a thinner version of the 10.2-inch iPad. We should expect these products this year.

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